Bold, Fun, & Nerdy

It’s important to always mix it up! It’s really easy to get stale and go through the motions if you’re not being disciplined. A lot of photographers approach that by saying they’ll focus on “one new thing” every shoot. It makes for a slow build of progress, but that’s where the real gains are got– in the grit.

I’ve wanted to shoot film for a long time but haven’t for a host of reasons that all seem reasonable except for the fact at their core, they’re all just excuses keeping me from growing. This session was shot entirely on film; I didn’t even bring my digital camera to use as a “maybe” crutch. Was I anxious about how my scans would turn out? Sure. Did I wonder if any photos would turn out at all? Of course. But scroll below and you’ll see these were mostly irrelevant fears. There’s something ephemeral and authentic about a session on film, and I want to be able to gift this to my clients and myself at future sessions. Take a look at Shannon & Stafford’s session and let me know what you think.

Special thanks to Brittany from Brittany Jean Photography for holding my hand through the process! She’s the real MVP.

Mentor: Brittany Jean Photography
Lab: The Find Lab