Bold, Fun, & Nerdy

Ever just want something simple? Ya just want photos with you and your baby because you’re feeling yourself today and got a new outfit from Madewell and you’re feeling nostalgic because your daughter is only 542 days old once? Does it feel like a hassle to plan and schedule and pick spots? WELL! I’m offering limited Everyday Minis for mamas and minis. Basically, give me a buzz when the weather is nice, and we’ll do a 15 minute session at a location of my choice in North Austin the next morning. You can choose between either an outdoorsy feel or a hand painted backdrop like the one in the photos below for a more curated look. You’ll walk less than 100 feet from your car the whole session. It’ll be mostly, if not entirely, shot on film for that instantly timeless vibe, and then you’ll go on your merry way. Lezzdodis.