Bold, Fun, & Nerdy

If you follow me on Insta, you’ve probably already seen me gush about Jacqui and Austin (and Byron!), but I’ma do it here too because… I want to. That’s all.

They were yet another couple impacted by covid. They postponed their original date, but it was still important to them to tie the knot in the safest way possible. They must’ve gone through and partially planned 5 or so options: what about a family ranch, or a different venue, or the same venue on a different day, etc. They ended up getting married at their original venue, Canyon of the Eagles, with a pared down guest list. They made sure all of their family and friends were comfortable coming and contacted each of their vendors to give them a way “out” if they felt unsafe. Everyone was provided masks and hand sanitizer as they entered the ceremony. Tables were all very socially distanced, only families were seated with each other, and the entire wedding took place outside.

But they didn’t just do the precautions right, they did the attitude and ambiance and vibe of the day. Jacqui was so calm she actually put on her dress for bridals and then took it off again and hopped back in her robe so she could drink mimosas with her maid of honor in her room like a boss. Austin spent as much time with Byron, their black lab pup, as the guests and made sure to get him for all the photo opps. Everyone was talking about how perfect they were for each other and together when the couple wasn’t around. Even the weather was like “yeah dawg, I mean, I know I’ve been rainy and gross lately, but I think I’m gonna really bring my best for Austin and Jacqui today.”

As for Canyon of the Eagles— any couple wanting to have a covid-friendly wedding in Hill Country, I’d highly recommend this place! The entire event can be outdoors, there are small cabins that they’re keeping clean that guests can rent out, but not so many that the place feels like an estate. It’s intimate, and no one will ever be surrounded by people. There’s a walking path that takes you straight down to the lake to play/ layout/ whatever, and it’s in the middle of a park so you can go on hikes and enjoy nature. Also! It’s dog friendly, so if you want to have a little honeymoon staycation and have a pup, you’re not going to be in a pickle unable to find a dog sitter (or know whether your kennel will be open) on the day of the wedding. The food was great, the staff was accommodating, and I really can’t say enough good things.

Okay! Now to the photos! Hope you enjoy!