Bold, Fun, & Nerdy

So, who all is done with the doom and gloom in the news? No one? Everyone? I go back and forth, because honestly, I like keeping up to date with the news. Recently though, I went to all of you lovely people for recommendations of chocolate chip cookie recipes I could make for Carter for his birthday, and I thought it would be nice to summarize the suggestions you sent in!

Without further ado, here’s what you sent me!

  • I had a few votes for the New York Times recipe, and, I must admit. They were mostly from people I know I can trust in the kitchen, so, I’m feeling pretty positive about trying this one later.
  • I also got a few votes for the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. Most just make this as-written, but one person submitted they make this recipe substituting crisco for butter. This was by far the most recommended recipe.
  • This is the recipe I made. It’s the Pan Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies and had multiple votes as well. They’re a more interactive baking experience as I’ll discuss below. They’re also designed to be cooked HUGE which is fun when you’re trying to make “special occasion” cookies.
  • Crisco got a vote or two and were what we made a lot as a kid. I’m a pretty big fan. In my experience they don’t keep for very long, but if eaten the day or day after they’re made (challenge accepted!), they’re pretty delicious.
  • Joanna Gaine’s cookies made the recommended list. I was told they turn out chunky/ firm on the outside and still chewy in the middle. They’re also a brown-sugar only cookie recipe, which I’m a fan of typically.
  • One incredible, local pastry chef, Almendra Callirgos, submitted her recipe! I really wanted to make them, but Carter didn’t choose them for whatever reason. Also, check out some of these AWESOME Easter eggs she’s been making that are filled with bonbons! Actually, just follow her on Instagram right now, because I love her and you all will too!
  • One, honorable mention, submission was for an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from King Arthur Flour. Since it was an oatmeal cookie, it can’t make my official list based on my arbitrary rules I’ve imposed for no apparent reason, but I figure we all deserve it in our cookie arsenal regardless.

I ended up making the Pan Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I want to preface– this isn’t because I thought these looked the best. Frankly, these seemed to me to be everything chocolate chip cookies are not supposed to be (please read that sentence again with as much shade as you can conjure). They’re all butter, no Crisco. They use water, no milk. They’re primarily white sugar, not brown sugar. And, as if none of that wasn’t reason enough for you to wonder what kind of monster decided to make cookies like this for the first time, you DON’T want them fluffy and delicious. In fact, you go out of your way to make them the opposite of that! Say whaaaa. Totally sacrilegious, I’m aware. But, I showed Carter all the websites for all the cookie recipes I was given and he chose these…. which, not going to lie, I thought may have been because he just wasn’t exposed to delicious desserts as a child or something, but alas. Here we are. I made them. And I’ve gotta begrudgingly admit to all of you… they were delicious AND fun. I’ve never had a good excuse before to actually get violent while baking, which I’ll definitely put in the “Pros” column for this particular cookie recipe.

Each cookie is supposed to be made from a ball of 1/3 of a cup of dough, so they’re huge. I could only fit about 4 cookies on a single baking pan, because they seriously spread when baking. The whole batch makes about 11 cookies or so if you don’t eat cookie dough and 5 cookies if you do, which our house would never do because we’re not animals. (Just kidding. Yes we are.) Because I had multiple cookies on the pan, what I found was best to do was just take the whole pan out of the oven and drop it a bunch of times on our granite counter top. The recipe suggests just lifting an edge 4″ in the oven and dropping it, but I didn’t get the nice ripples you’re supposed to get doing that. Pulling it out and being more violent made them better. Pro tip.

The centers will look significantly lighter than the outsides when they’re done (total cooking time for me with refrigerated cookie dough balls and a pre-frozen baking sheet was about 20 minutes). These aren’t cookies you eat straight out of the oven like, for example, you can do with the Crisco recipe cookies. They wouldn’t hold their form properly and a lot of the cooking for these, I think, is done on the pan once they’re removed from the oven. The cool cookies are though. So, just hold your horses, eat some more dough, and give the cookies a chance to get into prime cookie form.

If any of you make any of these cookies, definitely let me know how they go! I plan to make my way through this list, possibly before the stay-at-home order is lifted even.