Bold, Fun, & Nerdy

Where do you go when you’ve got a wild child, a self-described baby tornado, but want a studio-esque,  light & airy cake smash session? Sugar and Cloth’s Color Wall, of course! Jameson is a firecracker. She loves cake, and giggling, and running around and doing whatever makes her little baby heart happy– and for all of that and more I fell in love with her instantly.

Kids always inspire me. They don’t care about the camera. They don’t care how they look. They just are. Directing them is easy, because you can put anything in front of them and (so long as they’ve napped that day) they just interact. Adults have forgotten how to do that– to simply be inspired and react to their surroundings as if the forces that be told them that was unacceptable at some point in their life.

I challenge anyone who plans to have their photograph taken to just interact for their photographer. Don’t focus on looking goofy; I promise (s)he will cull the really terrible ones out. Focus on a feeling– maybe what you imagine flying would be and run around and make your hair blow behind you. Maybe you focus on how it felt to be at a carnival as a kid, twirling on the merry-go-rounds or those weird rotating apple carts that always start out as fun but last a little too long and everyone leaves them with a straight face and ready to vomit (but let’s skip the latter half of this tangent for the shoot). My point is, just be, and we can make magic together.

Scroll to the end if you’re a photographer and want some lessons learned from this session!

For Photographers

Cake Smashes are messy. Make sure you bring all kinds of stuff to clean it up with after. We brought paper towels, trash bags, lysol wipes, and a broom. It’s not fair to others to do anything but leave a place better than you found it (thanks, Girl Scouts!).

These sessions go quickly! If you have 2 bodies, make sure you’re shooting with them (though by no means is that a must, so don’t go out and buy a second body just so you can shoot this session). No matter what, be prepared to move A LOT. The kids will do almost nothing for awhile, so your images will start to look the same if you’re not moving around them, and then suddenly they’ll start running away and you’ll need to be prepared for that too.

I like to photograph the cake by itself first. This gives me a chance to dial in both bodies’ settings and not worry as much while I’m attempting to capture the child in their natural, crazy, sugar-high state.

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