Alright, alright. Twist my arm. I'll tell you.

First-- I live in Houston and Austin, so it's easy to book me in either location! Past that, I like bubbles and blueberries, am married to a human who can't possibly have decided I was cool enough for him, with two rescue mutts we regularly anthropomorphize beyond reason but refuse to admit it. My favorite color's rainbow, and I can help you with your math homework no matter what grade you're in. I'm a Midwestern transplant with a degree in Nuclear Engineering, background on deepwater oil rigs, just trying to keep the world safe from nuclear war while making pretty arts & crafts. As a kid, I wanted to be a spy, as an adult I just want to be happy. I feed off of the energy of my couples and families I'm lucky enough to meet through this business. I'm inspired by laughter and beauty in imperfection and documenting the secret, in-between that only you'll understand looking back. I'm always your biggest advocate and just here to help you remember in 50 years that the life you're living right now was great.

Photography by Danielle As Seen on The Knot