All that "I" stuff

I like bubbles and blueberries, am married to a human who can't possibly have decided I was cool enough for him, and am the mother of living sunshine. We have two rescue pups that are our children and live in a house with an ecosystem and will talk your ear off about how great it is. My favorite color is rainbow, and I can help you with your math homework no matter what you're studying (for real, try me). These days, I mostly shoot day in the life of type photos on film. I don't shoot for museums, but I do shoot for living rooms and stairwells and office frames and phone backgrounds. Hear me out-- you go get coffee, take care of a garden, take the dogs to play frisbee, play in a park/ sprinklers/ pool/ creek, get ice cream cones and make friendship bracelets, drink beers and eat cookie dough while covering your driveway in sidewalk chalk. You get the idea. They feel real to me, and I think in 50 years they're the sessions that'll really help you remember how great the life you're living right now was.