I had a baby. The world’s most wonderful, snorting-instead-of-laughing, blonde haired, blue eyed, dream of a rainbow child. My first mother’s day, I made sure all my cameras’ settings were just right, taught my husband how to press the buttons and focus, and handed over the reins to him. Ya know what happened? I didn’t love the light and airy and curated photos of myself like I thought I would. I liked the grainy frames that felt like stills from a movie, that paid homage to the hard won journey that brought her to me and made me her mother. I love looking back at them and remembering how she was squirmy that day and reached for the trees and held my fingers with her little hands. How she drooled all over my dress and wouldn't let go of my hair. I love the photos that look like literal snaps straight from my eyeballs and remind me of how I marveled at this tiny human while I held her in my arms. This is what I hope to gift you and your family-- imagery that makes you remember forever and always the way your family feels to you right now.